Jazz Festival



Saturday July 7, Marpissa 9.30 pm

PJA One Shot Quartet

Alexandra Grimal – soprano and tenor saxophones, Vasilis Rakopoulos – guitar,

Joe Quitzke – drums, Marc Buronfosse – acoustic bass

“A concert under the stars for improvised music lovers…”

Paris Paros Project featuring Sara Lazarus

Videos from 2011:

Paris – Paros Project Concert ,   Paris – Paros Project Concert II

Sara Lazarus – vocals, Eric Breton – tenor saxophone,  Vincent Bourgeyx – piano,

Joe Quitzke – drums, Marc Buronfosse – acoustic bass

“Miss Lazarus can swing and she enunciates well. And she can improvise. She scatted a chorus of agile bebop ideas. Her voice was warm and supple.”
The New York Times


Monday July 9, Lefkes Amphitheater 9.30 pm

Parian Poetry and Jazz

Under Alexandra Grimal’s direction, the PJA Composition Class will present works of music and Parian poetry.







Isabelle Olivier Trio invite Alexandra Grimal

Isabelle Olivier – harp, Alexandra Grimal — saxophones, Joe Quitzke – drums, Marc Buronfosse – acoustic bass

“In any circumstances, Isabelle makes the most of the depth and strength of her instrument, suggesting colors and chants of the ocean. She brings together strings and winds to deliver a very open and malleable music, until reaching an unexpected shore…”
Jazz Magazine


Tuesday July 10, Paros Park 9.30 pm

Jasser Haj Youssef 4tet

Jasser Haj Youssef – violin and viola d’amore, Gaël Cadoux – piano,

Arnaud Dolmen – drums and Gwo Ka percussion, Marc Buronfosse – acoustic bass

“Four musicians in the crowd, under a patch of blue sky. Tonight the Jasser Haj Youssef Quartet is the symbol of openness to all music. Chants of the Orient, vibrations of the soul, body trance…Mixed music that takes baroque accents, bordering covered floral shores of jazz that is carefree and talkative. Jasser Haj Youssef’s violin has the look of a luth and throws a bridge between all cultures…”
Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace


Wednesday July 11, Piso Livadi 9.30 pm

Students’ Final Concert on the Beach with free access

All participants of the Paros Jazz Academy present their work to the public in a very nice and enthusiastic atmosphere!


Thursday July 5, Friday July 6 and Sunday July 8, Hotel Albatross in Logaras Beach 10.00 pm

Jam Sessions Around The Pool with free access

Enjoy a drink around the beautiful pool of Hotel Albatross while listening to jazz standards in a very relaxed set up…

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